Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting Cozy: Autumn Mornings

The other day my best friend and co-Cozy Girl and I were talking, laughing, and stylizing a few decorating and tablescaping posts. Amber says to me, "isn't it funny how, when you're involved in a project, just to be nice as a favor to someone, that it comes back to you as something beautiful? Like when we painted all this furniture, who knew that in the future, we would be photographing it, for our businesses?!

I came back to this conversation this morning as I was reading through some old posts on a design blog I started years ago, but was too busy to really do much with it.{Not that I'm not busy now, holy cow-but I'm busy...bahahahaha!!!...sometimes I feel lonely for the thought of a slow lazy day.. ahh} It says, "Pull up a chair and get cozy, comfort is the ultimate compliment..."

As you know I'm an interior designer, and whether I'm designing for residential clients or commercial spaces, my goal is always the comfort of the client and their guests. If someone feels comfortable enough to take off their shoes, push their feet into the cushions of a sofa, grab a throw, with the intention of staying for awhile, I've successfully done my part.{Smiling really big}

So when thinking about that conversation and coming across that past post, I realized that for as long as I can remember, I've been using the word cozy in my life. My 4 year old daughter says, "Mommy can I hold ja, and get cozy?" Which translates to adult language, "Can you hold me, I need to get close and warm".

Amber and I are known by our friends and family for making daily things and events extra special, just by going the extra mile on a few tiny details. It doesn't take but a few extra moments and tender loving care to make things feel cozy and intimate. Even when planning a large wedding event, my goal is beauty, intimacy, and comfort.

This all got me to thinking. Sometimes cozy is a foreign word. So we've decided, as the Cozy Cottage Girls, that it's our job to teach it!

Hi we're the Cozy Cottage Girls and we are COZY addicts! We take simple and monotonous, to simply beautiful and inspiring...some haters might say we're just crazy over achievers, but the truth is we live this way.

At the the close of each day, if I were to ask, both Amber and I could look back on our hectic day and think, there were a few, or several beautiful, cozy, reflective moments....When you are feeling tired, stressed, over whelmed and under-vacationed, we would like you to think of us and ask? What would the Cozy Cottage Girls do?

Every Friday we will post beautiful cozy themed posts, with pictures and tips on cozy-fying your life!
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Fall mornings are made in cozy moments,
like early morning fog...

 a warm frothy mug in hand,

with yummy cinnamon and pumpkin themed breakfast morsels to nibble upon.

Focus on the fuzzy puffs of air

as you take a meandering walk in the brisk
morning breeze

or take a nice long drive and ponder the things you are grateful for as you take
in the beautiful scenery.

 Explore the wonder of the changing of the seasons.

Bathe in steamy hot water out of doors, while taking in the smells of the season

Pull on those favorite comfy knit socks,
sweaters, and tall boots
you've been dreaming of wearing again,

and cozy up to the fire with a thick
wool blanket or two,

these moments won't last forever,
but you'll be glad you did.

  Let fall wash over you and carry your burdens away...

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  1. I LOOOONG for this kind of cozy. I knew the first time I stepped foot in Ambers home, THAT was how home should feel. So inviting and cozy. Truely the kind of space that wraps you in warmth and you feel like you never want to leave. I haven't been back there in years, but I still remember the way her home made me feel. That's pretty profound, wouldn't you say? I do. xo

    1. Thanks Marrianne! You are so sweet to're the best!