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Once upon a time there was a princess with long chocolate curls...
She was a beautiful, happy child 
   who loved to dance in the rain,
And smell the flowers,

   She loved to read in the garden 

& feel the sun on her face...
But something was missing...

She search far & she searched wide, she wandered the entire kingdom 
& only then did she realize that what she needed had been there all along...

A kindred soul of her same mold with golden hair & just enough contrast to complimented the other.
Together they danced in the water, 
and laughed through the happiness & the pain,

They wandered the gardens &
felt the sun on their faces...

and together they learned to live beautifully....

Snippets of Design{dot}com

        We have been life-long friends,
well, almost. 
Our parents were friends & we became friends when we were 5 & 6.  Katrina's family moved to Westlake, Ohio, {where I lived} & her family came to stay at my house for a WONDERFUL, AMAZING month while her parents found a house to buy.
We LOVED it!
We stayed up late every night dressing our barbies & searching for "treasures" in my junk drawer.
The truth is, life hasn't really changed that much. 
We still stay up late talking & giggling almost every night & we spend most days dressing things to make them beautiful, & searching for treasures...
come to think of it, I even still have a "junk drawer"
but it's more the size of my
{"Hi...I'm amber and I'm a hoarder.  It's a problem but I eventually paint it all so, does that count???"}

Katrina is an Interior Designer.  She has been working professionally for over 12 years.  She also teaches DIY decorating classes called House of Many Colors School For the Home in American Fork, Utah.
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I am a designer and a graphic artist, & I own Snippets of Design{dot}com

Together, we own Cozy Cottage Vacations.
We repair, decorate, & rent out vacation homes for people at a very affordable price.
We will be posting already finished homes, homes in progress, & rental availability.
You can check out our portfolios, Cottages & Cabins, and Read more about us{here}
at Cozy Cottage Girls{dot}com.

We love to create tables-capes & share the many projects that we get ourselves involved in.
We will also be sharing our Thursday Night Supper Events & our Friendship Teas.

We are tickled that you have come to join us today & we truly hope that you will pull up a chair,
make yourself at home, & stay a while...


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